Axe of Iron series

Welcome to the official website of Jerry Hunsinger/J. A. Hunsinger–Author/Publisher, amateur archaeologist, and historian. His Axe of Iron series details the settlement of a large group of
Norsemen on the North American continent beginning in 1008 AD.

In these novels you will discover:
•How the Vikings settled Vinland - North America
•Key factors of their survival
•Daily life and culture
•Why they disappeared from Greenland and faded from history
•Did they "disappear," or are their descendants still here, somewhere?
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Written history has many holes, gaps if you will, that give an author an endless supply of fodder. It is natural for me to tell stories about subjects in which I have an interest. The Greenland Vikings and the Viking culture in general have always been my focus.

The Settlers, An Axe of Iron Novel is the first novel of a planned five-book series. It is a character-driven, historical fiction book. My characters tell the story and the reader sees the events through their eyes. I have had a lifelong interest in the medieval Norse people. That interest is focused on the five-hundred year history of the Norse Greenland settlements. The mystery surrounding the abandonment of the two known settlements and the disappearance of every single person living therein has captured my imagination.

Years of research has led me to believe that they did not disappear, rather they assimilated with the natives of North America. My series of books tell a plausible tale in support of that contention. No other author has ever treated the subject the way I have. With release of the second book,
Confrontation, An Axe of Iron Novel in 2010, the story moves into the beginnings of the assimilation process with the pre-historical natives of Canada.

Jerry has written a series of books called "The Axe of Iron" saga...first one is called "The Settlers" followed by "Confrontation"... both OUTSTANDING.

The saga tells the story of the Vikings migration in the year 1008 from Greenland to Canada/USA...historical fiction that has everything; great characters, great story, adventure,sex, and plenty of Viking blood and gore...a MUST good as "Game of Thrones". My son-in-law Kevin is reading them now...I want him to option rights to the series to create a movie or TV mini series...based on AOI. READ MORE

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